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Meet the Managers

Of course it is not just us, our staff make everything happen and we utilise a wealth of suppliers across the industry and around the world who are heavily vetted, tried and tested to ensure the best services not only for our clients but for our own projects too.

We supply small teams for other Events Professionals as well as utilising them on our own.

Get in touch to speak to one of our managers to see how our team can assist you.


 USA Events Co-ordinator

A USA based, degree educated and very talented writer who can provide amazing articles, content and data assistance.

An equally amazing Meet and Greet agent and Events coordinator, providing an enormous  amount of enthusiasm and excitement into every task, every day.

A genuine pleasure to work with she will feel like she has always been part of your team.

Core Practise: Editor, Content Writer, Virtual Assistant, Event Coordinator, Marketing.


Director - Events and Logistics 

Georgia is a trained and Experienced Events Manager with over 10 years experience.

She has always had a deep passion for  events whether that be a wedding show, transporting VIP's or a large B2B conference.

Founding Jearnie Ltd in 2017 and have since gained many clients and suppliers through recommendation, expanding in projects around Europe and now the USA.

An Expert in crisis management with the proven ability to create and execute extensive contingency plans that provide the right balance of quality and cost efficiency in the most stressful and time sensitive situations.

Core Practise - Event Management, Project Management, Logistics and Business Development.


Events and Logistics Manager

A man of many hats , as a trained engineer Deans multitasking and problem solving abilities are second to none, making him a must have at all events.

From assisting teams to managing full crew Deans expertise , confidence and genuine enjoyment brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm to the events day.

Dean splits his time between engineer works and Events so booking in advance is a must.

Dean has been a key shareholder and asset to the company since its conception in 2017.

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